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Our Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

Did you know the olfactory nerve is located right in front of the amygdala (the brain's emotional center) and that because of this, certain scents have an immediate effect on our body's relaxation response? 

It is true. We are physiologically wired to respond to scent. That is why certain scents have such a calming and soothing effect on us. I sometimes use Aromatherapy to help clients, who are experiencing emotional distress, gain an immediate sense of peace and serenity. When you are emotionally overwrought, your entire being is participating in the experience. It only makes sense that addressing more than one facet of you would be beneficial.

Have you ever been hijacked by a thought, feeling, or memory and no matter how hard you tried, could not step out of it?

When we are upset, we tend to experience the same feelings, thoughts, and images over and over again. There is a quick and easy way to release emotional distress from your body and mind called EFT™ or Emotional Freedom Technique. "Jason" was a 24 year old male who struggled with feelings of anger and rage that were negatively impacting his relationship with his partner. With the help of EFT™, he was able to identify and release his anger and feel calm, centered, and more in control of himself within a matter of minutes. If you continually find yourself in a pattern of emotional upset such as anxiousness, anger, or resentment, ask me to show you how EFT™ can help you.

Did you know that when you live through a traumatic experience,stressful emotions get trapped in your body?

It’s true. Brad Nelson who developed The Emotion Code™ found evidence of it in his work with his chiropractic clients. If you’ve experienced longstanding feelings of trauma, depression and anxiety then “talk therapy” alone may fall short for you like many others I’ve served. Barb (not her real name) was sexually abused when she was little and she lived with flashbacks, nightmares and physical pain. Using this gentle and healing approach, she released the pain and trauma from her body and is finally able to freely live her life in the present.

If you’ve survived a trauma, you may be a candidate for The Emotion Code™

Have you been hitting the same dead-ends in your life, but can’t stop? You try but you find yourself repeating the same mistakes over and over again?

I worked with a woman, let’s call her Deb, who struggled with feeling unworthy. She believed she would be treated badly, and sure enough she (unintentionally) came across as angry in a lot of her relationships. Definitely not what she wanted, but traditional “talk therapy” couldn’t free her.

She asked about the Psych-K™ approach I use. Using this comfortable and respectful approach, we helped her mind align with her goals. She felt more relaxed and confident and had a positive shift within and in her relationships. I’ve seen the same kind of remarkable results with everyone whose done the Psych- K™process.

If this sounds like your story, then ask me about Psych-K™ for you. 

I employ the models of the​rapy and the therapeutic modalities I do b​ecause I want to help people to experience change and a greater sense of ease within themselves. My goal is not to help people merely cope with the patterns that cause them pain and discomfort but rather to CLEAR these patterns.

March 15, 2018

Effective Processes that Enable  Rapid Positive Change

March 15, 2018

Click on the picture for a video demonstration of the Energy Psychology technique of tapping:

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