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Learn how to tap into your inner wisdom,

stop hurting and start really living. This work is for anyone who wants to heal rapidly and grow and evolve easily. You can create the life you were meant to live!

Through Internal Family Systems Therapy™, HBLU™ and Energy Psychology,and Reconnective Healing, my clients have found true and lasting healing.

Too often we believe that our very human responses serve as evidence that something is wrong with us, that somehow we are defective. This perception is common but far from the truth. The truth is, there is nothing wrong with you. In fact, our feelings are guides that lead us to make important and necessary changes in our lives. You are just running patterns in your unconscious, mind, and body that need healing.

I am here to help you reconnect with your greater self so that you can better understand the meaning of your experiences and the strengths you have to navigate them. In helping hundreds of people, over the years, I have come to believe that everything we need, in order to heal, is within us. It is just a matter of connecting with someone who can guide us back to ourselves. 

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Healing from the Inside, Out

The word heal is derived from the Greek word holos meaning wholeness. I believe that most mental and emotional distress comes from being disconnected from oneself or parts of oneself. When we are able to accept and integrate all parts of ourselves into the greater whole, we are able to heal. Sometimes it is a matter of identifying the blocks that keep us from self-acceptance. Other times, it is identifying or recognizing parts of ourselves that have been forgotten or were not allowed to be seen. Compassionately connecting with our full selves allows us to transcend our previously held notions of who we are. We can, then, throw off the constraints of fear, shame, and self-condemnation and realize our true potential. Thus, healing is the process of unearthing and connecting with our true essence. It is the journey back to our whole and resourceful self. And when we change from within ourselves, we are creating lasting change.

What You Can Expect at Your First Session

I am currently only doing sessions remotely, either via phone or Zoom. On your first visit, we identify and address the issues that are important to you. We will explore the challenges that have brought you here and past experiences that may still be affecting you. As our work continues, we will be allowing your deepest wisdom to guide us towards clearing non-beneficial patterns that have been holding you back and distorting your perception of who you really are. Our guiding principal is that you are NOT your patterns. The content of our sessions will be confidential. Our time together will be a collaborative process that is guided by your needs and preferences. My goal for our work together is to fully support your wisdom and resources in addressing all that is limiting you from being the person you are truly meant to be. Contact me today. I look forward to joining you on

your journey.

Don't Wait to Feel Better!

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